HDMI Extender 30 metres
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  2. The sender and receiver are used in pairs, no need to set
  3. Network cable CAT-5E/6 replaces HDMI cable for long distance transmission
  4. Network cable CAT-5E/6 follows the IEEE-568B standard
  5. HDMI signal can be transmitted to a distance of 30 meters through the CAT-6 network cable
  6. Compact structure
  7. Signal rate up to 2.5Gbps, support 1080P
  8. No external power supply required WHAT’S IN THE BOX 2XHDMI single cable 30 m extender SPECIFICATIONS SKU: GE840EL1BSCZ9NAFAMZ Main Material: PVC Size (L x W x H cm): 6x2.4x1.6 Weight (kg): 0.065
HDMI Extender CAT5/6
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The ST121SHD50 HDMI® over Cat5e/Cat6 Video Extender kit lets you
Iphone 6s 128gb
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iPhone 6s 128 GB for sale in the CBD Shop.
Iphone 8Plus Gold 128GB
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iPhone 8Plus 128 GB ON SALE!
Iphone XS Max 256 GB Grey
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Refurbished but as new. Unlocked and Icloud-free. Sporting IOS 14
Logitech Wireless Mouse
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Logitech Mouse, The number one Mouse!This the best in the market. It has the most comfortable tactile feedback & feel, sliding comfortable inside your palms. its speed is terrific with the pointer shifting accurately with the movement of your palms. It is long-lasting and long battery life for up to 6 months. Don't waste your money on cheap products that will disappoint you in a matter of weeks, invest in Logitech products.
The most Advanced HI-FI System-V90DW MUTEKI High Power Audio System
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More music, more lights, more fun Want to throw a
The Nanny Camera-Mini IP WIFI Enabled Wireless Camcorder 720P Baby Monitor Webcam
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Nowadays with the pressure of work, many families depend on Nannies to take care of their home and children. With the increase in reported cases of nannies beating kids or doing unlikely things, monitoring your home while away is no longer an option. The Nanny camera offers the best option for monitoring your home no matter where you are. This small device is also called 'The Baby Monitor' which can be hidden within the house away from view due to its small round size. Installation and price is only Kshs. 6500. Watch over your kid with this amazing camera!