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Less work, more flow

With our automated marketing tools, your work will be to watch your conversions grow by over 40% margin and register over 70% turnover. We deploy sophisticated tools to market your company and services including social media marketing, digital marketing, content marketing and video-reach. We have the best software tools and easy web hosting.

We offer enhanced SEO for all websites we develop making it easy for your business to reach its target just as in the blue print. 

Web Hosting

We offer flexible  payment and free Domain Registration. From as low as $15 you can own a domain and 15gb hosting. 
Our experts design and develop Search Engine Friendly site plus we you can hire content managers on site.
Domain Registration
Domain Registration is easy . With hosting, you have access to unlimited emails, CMS Platforms(WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal, Social Aplications, and much more)
Digital marketing

Digital Marketing

In today’s world, to grow your business, you will need digital marketing. 

Software Applications
We are the best software vendors; from ERP, Mnagement systems, POS, Hospital Systems, Web Applications, Business Applications and much more.
Artificial Intelligence
   Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

Every time you postpone using AI-Solutions in your content management, you are losing competitive edge to your competitors. Think of it a cow crossing over a river by a rope. Obviously it won’t make to the other side. Artificially intelligent systems are now working behind major names such as Amazon, Google, Netflix and a couple others. Going manual in such highly intelligent automated market is like committing suicide. We offer AI-Powered solutions at very flexible rates.

Content Writers

We are content generators and experienced writers for established brands in Eastern Africa.

Save tons on design and development

Save with us. We offer professional services at fairly low rates!

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  We have a dedicated team of designers, Graphic designers, Branding experts, Content writers,  web designers, CMS managers and programmers.