Security & CCTV Systems

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Camera types

The dome camera


The unobtrusive camera discreetly monitors against any unauthorised access or intrusion. With its intelligent shape, it is hard for the intruder to tell which direction the camera is facing until he is captured. Less expensive but quite effective for small shops, enterprises and homes. 

Dome cameras come in diverse shapes as you can see from the image above. 

Bullet camera


A very highly visible camera that acts as a deterrent to intruders. Very resistant to dirt and can survive in very challenging environments. The hard casing protects against glare and rain. Provides long-range monitor. 

The bullet is usually installed outdoor while Dome is installed indoor since both go for the same price

Prices for camera installations starts at kshs. 15000 and are negotiable.

Day/Night cctv Cameras




These cameras are ideal for those who wish to adopt the vision field. Equipped with detachable lenses that can be revolved around and switched to monitor varying distances. This camera comes with lots of benefits: 

1: It features detachable lenses that can be switched for varying distances. 

2: Its huge size makes a preferred deterrent against intrusion.

3: It has a strong casing for harsh environments

4: It is weatherproof, making it ideal for outdoor use

5: Its intelligent lens captures high-quality resolution that exposes the facial features of the intruder. 

6: More expensive than Dome or bullet type.

Infrared/Night vision cctv cameras


This camera can capture high-resolution video in pitch darkness with ease. Equipped with the latest infrared technology, this camera operates in totally pitch black conditions to capture features considered useful in extracting forensic evidence.


1: Infrared LEDS captures clear images in pitch dark environments.

2: It is fitted with an infrared filter that cuts off infrared LEDS during the day, allowing it to capture liquid images in light environments. 

3: Can capture clear images in the presence of dust, fog or smoke

4: More expensive than most of the other CCTV Cameras.